Best Blue Light Filter for PC (Software and Screen Protector) (2023)

Have you ever felt your eyes heavy while staring at the computer screen for a long time? Most of them did face a similar situation. But why is the blue light that is radiated from the screen harmful to our retina? Blue light, which is a unit of the visible light spectrum, is capable of entering deep into your eyes and its progressive effect can harm your retina and not just that, it is connected to the evolution of age-related vision loss, worst of all, it leads you to the state of insomnia.

Our eyes tend to get tired and strained because of the emission of blue light that is emitted from our devices. We should know about the best blue light filter for PC to protect out eyes from bad rays. Blue light filter are a solution to this major problem. So, in this article we are covering up the best blue light filter for PC which includes Best Software and Screen Protector out there.


  • Best Blue Light Filter for PC (Screen Protectors)
    • EYES PC 26 – 28″ Blue Light Screen Protector
    • Anti Blue Light Screen Filter for 22 inches for Widescreen Desktop Monitor
    • Vizomax 23-24 inch Blue Light Filter for Computer Monitor
    • 23-24 inch VizoBlueX Anti-Blue Light Filter for Computer Monitor
  • Best Blue Light Filter for PC (Software)
    • 1. Iris
    • 2. Pango Bright
    • 3. Redshift
    • 4. PC SunScreen
    • 5. f.lux
    • 6. CareUEyes
    • 7. LightBulb
  • Conclusion

Best Blue Light Filter for PC (Screen Protectors)

So, these were all the best Blue Screen Protector software. However, you can always rely on the Filter for PC solutions.

EYES PC 26 – 28″ Blue Light Screen Protector

EYES PC is a company that is peculiar in manufacturing products that have the ability to block and deflects blue light; including both glasses and screen protectors. The best part about this being they manufacture both blue light blocking glasses and screen protectors, therefore gives you the choice to choose between the two. Click here to buy Eyes PC now for just $64.95.Best Blue Light Filter for PC (Software and Screen Protector) (1)

Eyespc-26A screen protector could be irksome to few because it makes it really evident and draws the attention of others while some people prefer glasses over screen protector as they find it really comfortable. By keeping in mind both the options, choose the one that best suits your requirement.

Best Blue Light Filter for PC (Software and Screen Protector) (2)

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Striking features

  • The EYES PC 26-28” Blue Light filter for PC has been made with the sole purpose to block any blue light that is emitted by your monitor screen to protect your eyes.Best Blue Light Filter for PC (Software and Screen Protector) (3)Best Blue Light Filter for PC (Software and Screen Protector) (4)
  • If the blue light cannot reach your eyes, then your eyes are safe from all the side effects that blue light can cause. These issues include eye irritation, insomnia and degenerative eye problems which can be fatal.
  • You may get a thought that people would stop using their monitors with all of those risks involved, but no! Most people consider these problems as normal, knowing the fact that exposure to blue light is the root of the problem.
  • By making the right use of a product like this, you can get rid of all these drawbacks and you can ensure that you use your monitor whenever and wherever necessary.

Anti Blue Light Screen Filter for 22 inches for Widescreen Desktop Monitor

What’s the need for a blue light filter for PC? Anser is, Scientific research provides firm proof that blue light – the light emitted by your TV, mobile phone and laptop displays – has the potential to affect your life in ways that you never even imagined. From disturbing your sleep cycle to long term chronic eye disorders, blue light does that all. Also, blue light is very important in regulating circadian rhythm — the body’s natural wakefulness and sleep cycle.

Best Blue Light Filter for PC (Software and Screen Protector) (5)

Exposure to blue light during daytime hours helps maintain a healthy circadian rhythm. But too much blue light late at night (reading a novel on a tablet computer or e-reader at bedtime, for example) can disrupt this cycle, potentially causing sleepless nights and daytime fatigue. All that happens most commonly to people who spend hours sitting in front of their monitors. If you’re such a person, then an anti-blue light filter for PC is a must for you, and our product is one of the best out there.

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  • This blue light filter for PCs has been designed to be used on a 22inch monitor (measured diagonally).
  • Blocks out all harmful blue light.
  • Protects your eyes from long term damage.
  • Blocks 99% of UV light.
  • All high energy rays between 380nm – 490nm are barred from reaching you.
  • Protects the screen against all sorts of scratches and cracks
  • Extremely easy to install.

Vizomax 23-24 inch Blue Light Filter for Computer Monitor

Vizomax is the leading manufacturer of monitor screen protectors. One out of its many products is the Vizomax blue light filter. It is a blue light filter for PC screens. What sets it apart from other products like itself is its amazing filtering capabilities. It filters out 96-99% of the harmful Ultraviolet (UV) waves emitted by the PC display.

Best Blue Light Filter for PC (Software and Screen Protector) (6)

Best Blue Light Filter for PC (Software and Screen Protector) (7)

In addition to this, the filter has been designed keeping airflow in mind, which allows the screen to remain cool during long usage hours. No matter if you’re a software developer, a video editor, an animator or just a hardcore gamer, Vizomax’s blue light filter for PC display is just for you. Conclusively, it is one of the best blue light filter for PCs. Do note that this filter is only for PC displays and laptop displays are not supported.

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  • Protects your screen and eyes from damage.
  • Blocks 100 percent of Hazardous UV light.
  • Reduces HEV Bluelight up to 99.6 percent.
  • Excellent color transmittance.
  • Prevents screen from scratches, cracks and other damage.
  • Made out of extremely durable optical-grade acrylic.
  • Excellent colors; no compromises in color representation.
  • Prevents strain on the eyes.
  • Easy snap on/off detachment for cleaning purposes.
  • 100% transparent.
  • Supports even Mac monitors.

23-24 inch VizoBlueX Anti-Blue Light Filter for Computer Monitor

If you’re one of those people who spend hours sitting in front of their computer monitor, you have to check out the 23-24 inch VizoBlueX Anti-Blue Light Filter for Computer Monitor designed by VizoBlueX. It can be undoubtedly asserted that the blue light from computer monitors is not good stuff for your eyes. It’s scientifically proven.

Best Blue Light Filter for PC (Software and Screen Protector) (8)

It messes with your sleep pattern and delivers strain on the eyes which may cause chronic disorders like Myopia, Cataract and macular degeneration. In this case, VizoBlueX proves to be a savior. It doesn’t distort or change any colors of the picture, like most of the cheap filters out there. Works extremely well with any PC monitor that fits within the specified size (23-24 inches). However, the device does NOT work with laptop displays.

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  • It has several layers of coating that ensure blue light reduction.
  • Anti-Flicker.
  • Resistant to scratches and cracks.
  • Excellent color accuracy.
  • Eliminates up to 100% UV emission and up to 99.6% of blue light (380nm to 420nm).
  • Blocks 60% of the entire HRV spectrum.
  • 100% transparent.
  • Dimensions: 21.5 X 13.0 inches.
  • Supported displays: LCDs, TVs and PCs, and Mac Monitors.
  • Prevents chronic injuries to the eye, eye fatigue, and soreness.

Best Blue Light Filter for PC (Software)

Therefore, highly desirable software ( basically the blue light filters) are designed for those who prefer working late nights for healthier eyes and productivity.

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Now, let’s take a look at some of the best blue light filter for PC that can protect your eyes from this harmful blue light:

1. Iris

Best Blue Light Filter for PC (Software and Screen Protector) (9)

If you want a premium solution which will work smoothly and effortlessly, Iris is the right product for you. The free version called Iris Lite is also available which makes it stand out unlike the other products available. You can change the brightness of your window in the best possible way without flickering effect. Iris is highly popular having 1 million+ users and it has a special feature called break reminder which will remind you to relax resulting in more yield. It also has the personalized optional hardware for eye protection and care. It is basically the best Premium Blue Light Filter For PC.

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Best Blue Light Filter for PC (Software and Screen Protector) (10)

Striking features

  • Highly popular having 1 Million+ users
  • Has a special feature of Break Reminder.
  • Optional Hardware kit for eye protection.
  • Font Rendering is available.
  • This blue light filter app download is easy.

2. Pango Bright

Best Blue Light Filter for PC (Software and Screen Protector) (11)

If you are a night person or a kind who prefers dark or very low light then Pango Bright is the one and only option for you. Even though you set your Windows brightness level to the minimum, it still seems bright in dark. In order to tackle this issue, we have some free and best option to further decrease brightness for the better care of your eyes. Pango Bright should be the ultimate choice! While working in dark, you can set Pango Bright brightness to the minimum, say 10% or 20% with a moderate brightness that will not strain your eyes while working for a long time. It’s definitely one of the Best Blue Light Filter for PC.

Striking features

  • Exclusively for ones who prefer to work at night or minimum brightness.
  • Has a small size (EXE is 100k bytes).
  • Capable of controlling the brightness of multiple monitors.
  • This blue light filter for PC is available for Free.
  • Definitely one of the best blue filter apps.

3. Redshift

Best Blue Light Filter for PC (Software and Screen Protector) (12)

Redshift is another Night Mode App for Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10 PC, Desktop and Laptops. It is an open source software. You can find the source code of Redshift on Github. Basically, it’s still in the process of making and is made exclusively for Linux. But if you are really comfortable using the command line on Windows, I would suggest this one for you. In addition to that, there are some windows limitations and Registry settings that have to be taken care of. Otherwise, this is one of the Best Screen Dimmer For Ubuntu/ Linux.

Striking features

  • Open Source, code is available on GitHub.
  • Highly recommended for programmers as it is the best blue light filter for PC.
  • Free.
  • Blue light filter for a laptop.

4. PC SunScreen

Best Blue Light Filter for PC (Software and Screen Protector) (13)

Yet another Screen Brightness Dimmer for Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7 costing around £5 which is approximately 500 bucks. It has quite a different User interface than previous tools mentioned above and it includes a clock which makes it unique best blue light filter for PC. You can adjust the size of the color filters to as per your wish. You can utilize the whole screen or just a portion of the screen. Also, You can also fix different color schemes for multiple monitors so that your eyes don’t get strained due to blue light.

Striking features

  • It has quite different UI, unlike others.
  • Has a variety of colour schemes for multiple monitors.
  • You can dim portion of the screen.
  • It gradually changes the colour according to time, therefore moderate brightness at night.
  • The developer of PC SunScreen blue light filter for PC is Thomson Software Solutions.

5. f.lux

Best Blue Light Filter for PC (Software and Screen Protector) (14)

If you really admire the graceful and fluid design, then f.lux Blue Light Filter for PC should be your top-notch choice. It adjusts the brightness of your PC display as per the sunset and sunrise timings. Furthermore, it sets the colour of your display depending on the lighting of your room. f.lux is absolutely free and runs based on the donation. They have f.lux meter measures the amount of blue light that is filtered for specific devices.

(Video) Laptop Blue Light Filter Screen | Remove Blue Light | Flux | Best Blue Light Filter for Laptop Free

Striking features

  • Magnificent User interface.
  • Adjusts colour as per the room lighting.
  • Automatically enables sunrise sunset colour filter.
  • Free of cost.
  • Cheap blue light filter for PC.

6. CareUEyes

Best Blue Light Filter for PC (Software and Screen Protector) (15)

CareUEyes can involuntarily filter the blue light on the monitor and make the screen look affable and comfortable to the eyes so that your eyes do not get strained, and this blue light filter for PC comes with numerous other features that adjust not just color temperature but also brightness such as normal, smart, office, game and night.

It is an eye care software with blue light filter, screen dimmer, and rest timer. This software is apt for those who use their computer straight for a few hours. Using this eye care software, you get the option to activate the blue light filter to your computer screen in order to protect your eyes. You can manually adjust the display color temperature and brightness to apply the blue light filter for pc anywhere anytime as per your convenience. In addition to that, it is also available in 8 different predefined filters based on your activity log and you can apply them to your screen with just a click of a button!

Striking features

  • Acts as a blue light filter, screen dimmer, and rest timer.
  • You can manually adjust the brightness and the color temperature as and when needed.
  • It has predefined filters based on your activity log.
  • Eye protection app, a free download is possible.

7. LightBulb

Best Blue Light Filter for PC (Software and Screen Protector) (16)

The light bulb is a blue light filter for PC that completely avoids the pressure on your eyes produced by staring at a computer screen when working late hours. As the day passes, it continuously adjusts the display brightness. You can see the transition of display color temperature from cold blue in the afternoon to warm yellow during the night. Its main goal is to match the color of your screen to the light sources of your surrounding environment – that is sunlight during the day and artificial light during the night. LightBulb has very little influence on performance and has a wide range of personalized options.

Striking features

  • A wide variety of personalized options.
  • Extracts sunrise and sunset times from the Internet and set them accordingly.
  • Smooth temperature transformation for large changes.
  • Stops when a fullscreen application or game is in the foreground.
  • Adjustable global hotkeys.
  • Has very less impact on performance.

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These are some of the handpicked blue light filters for PC which not just reduces the blue light effect but also reduces the maximum brightness to moderate one to protect your eyes and prevent degenerative eye problems. If you’re constantly browsing Instagram feeds(like me!), or coding or doing any kind of work in dark these apps are definitely going to help your eyes and trust me, you won’t have insomniac nights!

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NOTEKeep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.


Is 30% blue light blocking enough? ›

For clear computer glasses, check to make sure the lenses filter out at least 30% of blue light before you buy a pair. Yellow evening or driving lenses should block about 65 to 70% of blue light. Orange and red nighttime lenses designed for sleep should block 95 to 100% of blue light.

Do Bluelight filters work software? ›

We have finally arrived at the main event and the answer is: Yes, blue light filter apps are effective, but only to a certain extent. By shifting colour profiles from blue to other shades, they are obviously reducing the blue light reaching your eyes.

Can you download a blue light filter on PC? ›

It's available for free for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. You can also use it to adjust the lights in your home by pairing it with a smart lighting system. You can turn the feature off whenever you want by toggling a switch. Iris Mini: The Iris Mini is an impressive, ultra-lightweight blue light filter application.

What level of blue light filter is best? ›

Most users prefer to max out the filter (0-25) when reading or using text-based applications, making it easy on the eyes. For web browsing or work-related tasks, you might want to allow in some more blue light by setting the filter to 25-50.

Is blue filter good for eyes? ›

ROSENFIELD: Both of the studies actually found that the blue-blocking filters have no effect, no significant effect on digital eye strain. This didn't really come as a major surprise to us because there really is no mechanism whereby the blue light should be causing digital eye strain.

What tint is best for computer glasses? ›

Yellow Lens Tint

Yellow-tinted lenses enhance depth perception and increase visibility in low-light situations, making them a top choice amongst safety glasses. Yellow lenses are also used in computer readers, as they help to soothe strained eyes and combat the negative effects of Computer Vision Syndrome.

What percentage of blue light is blocked? ›

The percentage amount of blue light blocked is the first thing to take note of. Aim for a pair blocking over 95% of blue light. Also, consider the lens color, if they are FDA approved, have UV rated anti-glare coating, the sturdiness of the hinges and if prescription lenses are available.

Is blue light blocking fake? ›

Companies that are selling these glasses often claim that they decrease digital eye strain, help prevent eye disease, and improve sleep. However, The American Academy of Ophthalmology doesn't endorse or recommend using blue-light-blocking glasses because there is no scientific evidence that they do any of these things.

Is blue light filter harmful? ›

The amount of damage depends on wavelength and exposure time. Animal studies show even short exposure (a few minutes to several hours) may be harmful. A filter that cuts 94% of blue light has been shown to lessen damage. There's evidence blue light could lead to permanent vision changes.

Is blue light filter enough? ›

While these and other filtering apps offer a solution, the apps alone are not effective enough to prevent eye problems associated with blue light exposure. The discoloration and distortion caused by these apps can generate even more eye strain than viewing screens without any apps in place.

How do I protect my eyes from blue light on my laptop? ›

How to set up blue light filters in your settings
  1. Open up your start menu.
  2. Select the gear icon to open up your settings menu.
  3. Go to system settings (display, notifications, and power)
  4. Select display.
  5. Turn the Night Light switch on.
  6. Go to Night Light setting.
11 Nov 2020

Are blue light protectors worth it? ›

While blue light blocking glasses are effective at reducing the amount of blue light that enter the eyes, there is no current research to suggest that this can improve or protect the health of your eyes. Put simply, there is no scientifically-proven benefit of wearing blue light blocking glasses for your eye health.

Does Windows 10 have a blue light filter? ›

Microsoft added a blue light limiting feature to Windows 10 it is called the “Night light,” this feature shifts the Windows 10 display to show warmer colors that reduce the amount of blue light that's emitted.

How do I install a blue filter? ›

To use a color filter:
  1. Select Start > Settings > Ease of Access > Color filters.
  2. Switch on the toggle under Turn on color filters.
  3. Then, select a color filter from the menu. Try each filter to see which one suits you best.

Is Night light on PC a blue light filter? ›

Windows 10 Night Light is a blue light filter that makes your display use warmer colours at night to help reduce eyestrain so you can sleep better.

What filter is good for blue eyes? ›

Blue Eyes Filter

The YouCam Makeup app offers up to 7 different blue eye filters, from baby blue, and navy blue to five other different shades, making sure you will find the perfect blue for you.

What colour screen is best for eyes? ›

When it comes to color combinations, your eyes prefer black text on a white or slightly yellow background. Other dark-on-light combinations work fine for most people. Avoid low contrast text/background color schemes.

Which is better blue cut or blue filter? ›

Blue light blocking lenses filter out up to 90% of the HEV generated by digital screens, assisting in the relief of eye strain and sleep problems, which are common complaints among computer users. Blue-cut lenses are designed to absorb anything from 10% to over 90% of blue light.

Can laptop damage eyes? ›

There's no proof that computer use causes any long-term damage to the eyes. But regular use can lead to eye strain and discomfort. You may notice: Blurred vision.

Is Dark mode better for your eyes? ›

Studies have shown that people with normal or corrected vision have a better performance, however, people with stronger visual disorders will tolerate Dark mode better. But Light mode has a cost associated to the better performance, and it is the long-term risk of eye disease.

Can screens damage your eyes? ›

Retinal damage – Digital devices release blue light, which can reach the inner lining of the back of your eye (retina). Studies show that blue light can damage light-sensitive cells in the retina. This can lead to early age-related macular degeneration, which can lead to loss of eyesight.

Does Bluelight cause headaches? ›

Blue Light Can Cause Headaches and Migraines

Researchers have suggested that there is a specific neural pathway from the eyes to the brain—separate from how vision is transmitted—that ultimately causes blue light wavelengths to worsen headache pain and other symptoms.

Do yellow glasses block blue light? ›

Yellow tinted lenses also benefit anyone spending a lot of time in front of a computer screen. Computers, game consoles, smartphones, etc., produce a lot of blue light. Wearing yellow/amber tinted eyewear blocks blue light to help reduce eye fatigue and strain.

Do blue glasses for computers work? ›

There is no scientific research to prove that blue light can damage the eyes or have other health effects. Likewise, there is no evidence that blue light glasses can reduce symptoms associated with looking at a digital screen for long periods.

Do orange glasses block blue light? ›

Consider what time of day you'll be using your blue light glasses, and how much blue light blocking you really need. Glasses with red- or orange-tinted lenses block a wider spectrum and larger percentage of blue light. However, they can also distort the colors on your computer screen.

When should I start blocking Bluelight? ›

Anytime that you are using a desktop monitor or laptop computer you should be wearing your blue light blocking lenses. Many employees spend at least eight hours a day looking at a computer screen. That is a lot of time to be exposed to the blue light that is emitted from the screens.

Do computer glasses really work? ›

Short answer: probably not. Most computer glasses are designed to filter out blue light — high-energy light rays emitted from the display screens on your computer, tablet and phone.

Is there an app that blocks blue light? ›

Twilight. Twilight makes the device screen adapt to your environment based on the time of the day. Filtering out the blue light emitted after sunlight, Twilight protects the eyes with a red filter.

Which light is good for eyes? ›

Warm light is best for the eyes. This includes filtered natural light and light produced by incandescent and LED light bulbs.

Do all computer screens emit blue light? ›

Blue light is the type of light emitted by most modern digital devices, including smartphones, tablets, computer screens, flat screen TVs, fluorescent lights, and compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Is glass or plastic better screen protector? ›

Durability: Glass Lasts Longer

The best plastic screen protector will be around 0.1mm thick. It is also quite easy to scratch the plastic ones with a fingernail or object your pocket, as you may have discovered! If you want a screen protector that lasts the distance, glass is the way to go.

Which tempered glass is best for eyes? ›

RSAFE's Anti-Blue Light Tempered Glass Screen Protectors are made of high quality glass which has special protective layers that filter these blue lights. The Anti-Blue Light Technology deflects harmful blue-light away from your eyes and allowing only beneficial light to pass.

Should I always keep blue light filter on? ›

As long as you're working with screens or in artificial lighting, daytime blue light glasses will protect your eyes and health. If you're out in the sun or not being exposed to any artificial light, however, there's no need to wear blue light glasses.

Is Night Light on PC good for eyes? ›

Night Light helps reduce overall eye strain

Another advantage of the Night Light feature is its ability to reduce eye strain, especially when using a device for extended hours. Night Light can't correct pre-existing eye problems! However, redder and warmer lights are gentler on the eyes while on your PC.

How long do blue filters last? ›

The Brita Longlast Filter (blue) needs to be replaced after every 120 gallons, or approximately every six months.

What color is blocked by blue filter? ›

Lenses with a blue-light-reflecting coating can appear bluish, whereas blue-light-absorbing lenses feature a yellow or amber embedded tint. Unlike reflective lenses, which can only block around 10% of blue light, most blue-light-absorbing lenses (the ones that look yellow or amber) filter at least 35% of blue light.

How long do blue air filters last? ›

To maintain optimal performance, we recommend changing your filter about once every 6-months when used 24 hours a day.

Is Night mode better than blue light filter? ›

Blue light glasses are good for all kinds of devices. So while Night Shift might come in handy as you read or scroll your phone while sitting in bed, watching late-night television is a completely different story. For that, blue light glasses would be a better option.

How do I know if my filter is blue light? ›

While wearing the glasses, look at something you know will have a blue light, like the flashing lights on top of police vehicles or ambulances. If you can't see the blue light flashing, your glasses have an effective blue light filter lens. However, be aware of the color of your new blue-light-blocking lenses.

Do blue light filters block all blue light? ›

The percentage of blue light filtered from a pair of blue light filtering glasses varies from lens to lens. Clear lenses with a blue light coating can filter between 5% and 40% of the blue light spectrum that can affect your eyes.

What color filter darkens blue THE MOST? ›

Yellow Filter

This works by darkening the blue sky, giving a greater visual separation between the darkened sky and the white clouds on the final print. A yellow filter will also give improved penetration of haze and fog.

How can I enhance my blue eyes? ›

Gold and hues with tints of red and yellow, like orange, copper, and warm, brownish tones are perfect for emphasizing your blue irises. The contrast between these pigments and the blueness of your eye will really make them pop! So, as you can deduce, warm shades brighten up blue eyes and make them dazzle and shine.

Can I change my eye color? ›

Permanent changes to eye color can be achieved through iris implant surgery, corneal pigmentation, and laser eye color change. Iris Implant Surgery is a procedure that inserts a prosthetic iris into the eye. It was originally developed to treat iris defects such as albinism and aniridia.

Which colour is good for brain? ›

1) Green: Concentration

Low wavelength colors promote restfulness and calm, and they improve efficiency and focus. So that's why green is an excellent color for improving concentration. Apart from being one of the easiest colors on the eyes, it reminds us of nature.

Which color is less harmful for eyes? ›

Yellow light, has been proven effective in protecting the retinas of patients exposed to excessive blue light, since it offers the best contrast.

Which mode is better for eyes? ›

Dark mode purportedly reduces glare and blue light on your digital screens, making it a better option for your eyes as compared to light mode.

Which is the best blue light filter for PC? ›

Best blue light screen protectors
  • Best for small laptops: Forito Eye Protection Blue Light Blocking & Anti Glare Screen Protector. ...
  • Best for brightness: MOSISO Computer Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector Film. ...
  • Best for large screens: EYES PC Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector Panel.
21 Sept 2022

Which glasses to use on computer? ›

Eyezen lenses are computer glasses made to protect your eyes while you work on your computer, tablet or smartphone. They can help you see your screen more clearly, whether it be large or small, and can help protect your eyes from the harmful blue light given out by computer screens.

Does Windows 10 blue light filter work? ›

For most people, Windows 10's built-in blue-light filtering does a good job. But for more control, you can turn to a third-party app. We recommend f. lux, a free program that provides more exact blue-light filtering settings and a rolling schedule for day and night time intensities.

Is blue light filter worth it? ›

If you're wondering if blue light filtering is worth it when trying to relieve eye strain, the answer is no. The only thing blue light glasses help with is improving the time it takes to fall asleep and overall sleep quality.

Which color filter is good for eyes? ›

If your goal is to reduce glare then the most effective colors tend to be: amber, orange, green and gray. While outside gardening, sightseeing, or driving, consider a darker gray or green color for glare control, UVA/UVB protection, and general comfort.

Is Night light on PC good for eyes? ›

Night Light helps reduce overall eye strain

Another advantage of the Night Light feature is its ability to reduce eye strain, especially when using a device for extended hours. Night Light can't correct pre-existing eye problems! However, redder and warmer lights are gentler on the eyes while on your PC.

How do you block a blue light? ›

Android Device

You should be able to find the filter under Settings > Display. Look for an option for Night Light or Blue Light filter and turn it on. In most cases there should be a way to schedule the feature and adjust the color temperature to your liking.

Should I use blue light filter all day? ›

Yes, it is okay to wear blue light glasses all day. Whether you're wearing blue blocking glasses without a prescription or a special blue filter on your regular glasses, your eyes will not suffer any negative effects from wearing them all the time.


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