The 5 best mechanical keyboards of 2022 (2023)

Mechanical keyboards have been around as long as PC keyboards have, even if the larger portion of the population only became aware of their existence in recent years. Decades-old historical icons like the IBM Model M keyboard defined the solid-feeling, reliable, and extremely long-lasting reputation keyboards of this type retail to this day. They also created the love-it-or-hate-it "clicky" sound many early boards, and some modern ones, produce when typing.

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Gaming mechanical keyboards: How to choose and are they really worth it? When you're gaming, whether for fun or as a pro, there's just something different about using a gaming mechanical keyboard. The Corsair K100 is ZDNET's No. 1 choice. But there are plenty of gaming mechanical keyboards, and when you choose your next one, look no further than the top five reviewed and compared here. Read now

Modern mechanical keyboards have become incredibly diverse. They can provide everything from that vintage clicky sound, to dead-silent typing and ship in form factors as small as 40% and as large as full-sized and above. Boards are available now to suit everyone from hardcore gamers to the most straight-laced, business-focused office worker. While the most particular mechanical keyboard hobbyists may want to build their own boards (or at least heavily modify an existing board), the larger portion of the potential user base will likely opt for a solution that's both excellent out of the box and can also be tinkered with down the road.

To help you find the best pre-made options for those that just want to get clacking away and those that are unsure how deep their interest goes, we've rounded up a list of some of the best options on the market today. This list will focus on readily-available, mass produced boards. While there are some exceptional small-batch boards out there, they tend to be far more expensive and very often out of stock. The entries below represent the absolute best boards you can actually get your hands on without taking out a second mortgage.

While each one of these entries will include a brief descriptor of its most ideal user, don't let that restrict your purchasing options. "Gamer" aesthetics like RGB lights can always be turned off, and non-gaming keyboards can be just as adept at competitive gameplay with the right switches and software. Instead, focus on your budget, desk space, and the available switch options you'd prefer.

Pros & Cons


  • Inexpensive and well-built
  • Hot swap sockets
  • Wired and wireless connection options
  • RGB lighting


  • Spare keycaps aren't the best
  • Battery-saving standby mode is odd
  • Plastic case

More Details


  • Form factor - Tenkeyless
  • Connection type - Wireless (Bluetooth) or Wired (USB-C to USB-A)
  • Available switch types - Blue (clicky), Brown (tacticle), or Red (linear)
  • Hot swappable switch sockets - Yes

I've raved about the Keychron K8 series as the ideal entry point to the mechanical keyboard hobby in my review of the product. It remains one of the best boards out there for those just starting out. It offers a lineup of features typically only found in far more expensive boards from other manufacturers, including RGB lighting, hot swap switch sockets, stable Bluetooth connectivity, and an epic battery life.

The version I've featured here is the model with a plastic case, RGB backlighting, and hot swap sockets. These sockets allow mech key beginners to use the board as a platform to experiment with the massive variety of mechanical keyboard switches on the market today, all with slightly different tactile characteristics, sound profiles, and features. The extremely customizable lighting also allows it to be as flashy or as subdued as you'd like.

I chose the "tenkeyless" K8, which doesn't include the right-side number pad, for its excellent balance of providing every key you might need for serious text editing while also saving some space that would be taken up by a full-sized board. Thankfully, if you'd prefer more space-saving at the cost of a few more keys, or you'd rather have a full-sized board, Keychron's got you covered with very similar models in 60%, 100%, and even non-standard 65% and 75% form factors.

Pros & Cons


(Video) The BEST keyboards of 2022

  • Customizable RGB lighting
  • Custom key inputs
  • Space-saving design
  • Optional analog switches


  • Small form factor not ideal for typing-heavy use
  • Hard-wired USB cable
  • Switch replacements are difficult

More Details


  • Form factor - 60%
  • Connection type - Wired (USB-A)
  • Available switch types - Purple (clicky), Red (linear), or Analog
  • Hot swappable switch sockets - No

Razer's reputation for quality-built products has waxed and waned over the years. However, the company has recently been on a streak of releasing high-quality, well-built, and reasonably priced peripherals that have brought back a huge following in the gaming community, as well as those outside of it that appreciate the low costs and excellent customizability offered.

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The Huntsman Mini is the latest entry in the Huntsman gaming keyboard line, opting for the diminutive 60% form factor. This means that the text editing cluster and arrow keys found on tenkeyless and full-sized boards are not included. While most of these keys are still available by using the included "fn" modifier key, they're far less convenient to access. For this reason, this keyboard is the only one on the list I'd strongly recommend exclusively for gamers that don't intend to do heavy text editing on the same PC they game on.

As long as you fall into that category, the Huntsman Mini provides a huge number of feature in a small package, including RGB lighting, doubleshot PBT keycaps (something usually reserved for pricey replacement keycap sets), storage for up to five onboard profiles, and optional analog switches. Unlike the standard mechanical switch types, analog switches can provide gradually increasing levels of input to the connected PC. This means the depth you press your W key to will mimic how far forward you press the analog stick on a game controller. This adds extra sensitivity and control to supported games, and can be a huge boon to the right gamer. It's almost hard to believe Razer managed to stuff all of this into a board this small and price it at less than $150 for the analog option and less than $100 for the Clicky and Linear versions.

Pros & Cons


  • Built-in control wheel for iCUE and other applications
  • Advanced RGB lighting
  • Removeable wrist rest
  • Durable metal shell


  • Not great for small desks
  • No clicky or tactile switch options
  • A bit on the pricey side

More Details


  • Form factor - Full-sized+
  • Connection type - Wired (USB-A)
  • Available switch types - Corsair OPX (linear optical) or Cherry MX Speed (linear mechanical)
  • Hot swappable switch sockets - No

Corsair has been in the mechanical keyboard game for longer than just about anyone else on this list. It's K100, K70, and K65 lines were some of the best available mech key options, gaming or otherwise, for several years, until the market diversified. Today, their full-featured units remain some of the best on the market for gaming-focused users.

If the Razer Huntsman above is a compact, precision-tuned sports car, the K100 is a Rolls Royce, throwing every single feature a gamer, or non-gamer for that matter, could want into a single board. Its left-side row of additional, customizable macro keys; onboard volume and media controls; and unique iCue wheel provide far more control options than any standard keyboard layout ever could. Better yet, these features are all packed in a case that could be used to demolish a wall, thanks to its sturdy metal casing and rock-solid quality.

While some FPS-focused gamers might not have a use for all of this "extra-ness," MMORPG players, flight and racing sim fans, and MOBA fanatics will likely love the extra controls and lightning-fast mechanical or optical switch options. The only reason not to use this board is if your desk or mousing area can't handle its ample footprint.

The 5 best mechanical keyboards of 2022 (5)
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Pros & Cons


  • Slim design
  • RGB lighting
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Hot swap sockets


  • Slim form limits switch options
  • Might not be great for all typists
  • Somewhat short battery life

More Details


  • Form factor - Low profile tenkeyless
  • Connection type - Wireless (Bluetooth) or Wired (USB-C to USB-A)
  • Available switch types - Blue (clicky), Brown (tactile), Red (linear) "Banana" (early bump tactile), or "Mint" (heavy early bump tactile)
  • Hot swappable switch sockets - Yes

The nearly ubiquitous presence of laptops and Chromebooks in school classrooms means that many of us are now learning to type on their very flat included keyboards. This has created a whole class of user that continues to prefer that same low-profile typing feel, even when using a discrete keyboard. To fill this niche, many manufacturers have begun creating low-profile mechanical keyboards. Unfortunately, most of these offerings are either limited to a single, permanent switch or, at best, one of the three standard switch types: Blue (clicky), Brown (tactile), or Red (linear).

Keychron once again makes its way onto our list by creating a board that offers the low-profile form factor, but still includes the rare benefit of having hot swap sockets built in. This means that you can choose a wide variety of switches, like the "Banana" and "Mint" options mentioned above, or any of the growing number of low-profile mech key switches being produced.

The K1 SE combines this unique flexibility with nearly all of the benefits of the K8 mentioned above, including RGB lighting, wireless connectivity options, and a surprisingly sturdy build quality for its very reasonable price point. The result is a rare product that requires very few compromises to achieve the slim, low-profile form factor many typists now prefer.

Pros & Cons


  • Customizable lighting
  • Spare keycaps available to buy
  • Versatile form factor
  • Great for beginner hobbyists


  • Only one level of height adjustment
  • Very long USB cables
  • Very bright rim lighting

More Details


  • Form factor - Tenkeyless or 65%
  • Connection type - Wired (USB-C to USB-A)
  • Available switch types - Halo Clear (tactile), Halo True (light tactile), Kaihua Speed Silver (linear), Cherry MX Blue (clicky), Cherry MX Brown (tactile)
  • Hot swappable switch sockets - Yes

Drop (formerly Massdrop) is a company that began its life specializing in the type of group buys that continue to power much of the production in the modern mechanical keyboard hobbyist community. However, it has grown over the years to produce many popular products of its own across the audio and mechanical keyboard spaces. Two of the most well-known of these in-house products are the Drop ALT and Drop CTRL mechanical keyboards.

The CTRL is a familiar tenkeyless option while the ALT is a non-standard 65% board with a unique layout that manages to maintain almost all of the keys you'll need for heavy text editing, without taking up much more space than a 60% board. Both feature exceptional build quality, including their machined aluminum cases; bright, built-in, per-key RGB lighting, unique RGB edge lighting; excellent shine-through keycaps; and reliable hot swap switch sockets. Both units are also extremely customizable upon initial purchase, with flat and high-profile case options in Black or Space Gray colorways, as well as the widest selection of available switches of any board here.

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More importantly for hobbyists, the boards are a joy to work on, with just a few well-machined screws giving you access to the simple-but-flexible internal workings. This makes them a great platform to experiment with things like replacing key stabilizers, adding sound dampening, or even tweaking the internal lighting. Switch collectors will also love the included cap and switch puller, which are some of the nicest and most effective I've ever tested. These aren't the cheapest options on the list, but they might be the best for those that are certain they're going to dive a little deeper into the hobby. Drop even offers replacement cases for those that want to change the look of their boards entirely.

What is the best mechanical keyboard?

My pick for the best mechanical keyboard is the Keychron K8 for it's dual Bluetooth and USB connectivity options, hot swap switch sockets for changing switch types, and excellent battery life. It also has RGB lighting to help you how off your personal style or sync with other RGB peripherals and components in your PC setup.

Mechanical keyboard


Switch type


Keychron K8 wireless


Blue, Brown, or Red

Bluetooth, USB

Razer Huntsman Mini


Purple, Red, or Analog


Corsair K100


Cherry MX Speed or Corsair OPX optical


Keychron K1 SE


Blue, Brown, Red, Banana, or Mint

Bluetooth, USB

Massdrop ALT


Halo Clear, Halo True, Kaihua Speed Silver, Cherry MX Blue or Brown


Which key switch is right for you?

This can be decided based on a combination of what your most common use case for a keyboard is, as well as your personal preference for typing feel. I'll explain each of the three main switch types, and who they're generally considered best for, briefly.

Clicky switches

Typically blue, these switches make an audible click when they reach their actuation point. They were initially the most popular switches among many manufacturers, but fell out of favor due to some users finding their incessant clicking an annoyance to themselves or their house/office mates. Still, some prefer the rhythmic sounds of typing or the audible assurance these provide. They're equally well-suited to gamers or practical typists.

Tactile switches

Typically brown, these keep the tactile sensation of the clicky switches above, but purposely dampen the noise. That said, they're still louder than the linear switches below. Some prefer the surety of the tactile "bump" denoting the actuation point, while others find the sudden increase in keypress resistance jarring and disruptive. Many practical typists prefer tactile switches as the "bump" can sometimes prevent accidental keypresses, reducing typos. While some gamers do enjoy the surety of feeling the actuation point, others don't appreciate the slow-down that tactile bump adds to their keypresses. That extra moment of key travel can often be the split-second difference between in-game life and death.

Linea switches

Typically red, these switches are pure up-and-down. There's no audible or physical indication of their actuation point, providing the smoothest operating experience of any switch here. This smoothness and speed has made linear switches the go-to choice for many gamers interested in reducing their reaction times to the bare minimum. For that same reason, some serious typists avoid linear switches due to their tendency to introduce unintended errors thanks to their generally lighter weight and unrestricted travel.

It's worth noting that all of the above statements apply most aptly to the standard clicky, tactile, and linear switches that ship with most boards. These switch designs, and their semi-standard color-coding are all based on designs originated by German switch maker Cherry. It still creates versions of all three, as well as far more exotic variants. Many other manufacturers also create countless variants with higher actuation points, heavier or lighter springs, unusual case and stem materials, and more.

Ideally, if you're ever considering a new switch, try to buy one, or just a few, to test the feel before you commit to enough for a full board. The same goes for any pre-made boards with pre-installed switches you can try before you buy as well.

How did we choose these mechanical keyboards?

As mentioned earlier, we focused on mechanical keyboards that could be readily purchased from major retailers, were in stock most of the time, and represented one of the best options out there for a given type of user. Any keyboard on this list will be usable by any office desk jockey or gaming aficionado. But, some will suit one or the other better thanks to lighting and switch options, available software and macros, and their general aesthetics.

Whichever you choose, rest assured that it was compared to numerous competing offerings to find the best, most cost-effective option in a given space.

Choose this mechanical keyboard...

If you need...

Keychron K8 wireless

A well-rounded mechanical keyboard for everyday use

Razer Huntsman Mini

A compact mechanical keyboard for smaller desks or laptops

Corsair K100

A high-end mechanical keyboard for work and gaming

Keychron K1 SE

A low-profile mechanical keyboard for typing-intensive work

Massdrop ALT

A moddable mechanical keyboard for hobbyists

Is wireless connectivity OK for gaming?

This is a more nuanced subject that it might seem at first. Wireless keyboards that rely on Bluetooth (as well as other peripherals that rely on it) can suffer from latency. This means any command entered on them will be delayed, usually by about .2 seconds or less. Wired keyboards don't suffer from this delay, meaning that commands are registered almost instantly.

In an ideal world, any keypress during a game will be instantly recognized to give the player the minimal amount of delay before that life-saving jump or vital crouch is registered. While Bluetooth might get you close enough to instant for more casual games, I wouldn't recommend it for competitive shooter games and high-pressure MMORPGs. Thankfully, many wireless keyboards also offer a wired mode for just this reason.

The only exception I'd make for using a wireless gaming keyboard is if the board in question used 2.4GHz wireless, like some options from Logitech. These dongle-based wireless connections offer far lower latency, and can be just as ideal for gaming as high-end wireless mice have become.

What parts of a mechanical keyboard can you modify?

Short answer: all of them.

Longer answer: the most common would be the key switches and keycaps. Both of these can completely change the feel of a board and, if you have hot swap sockets in your board, both can be swapped out with no more difficulty than unplugging a USB cable and plugging in a new one.

More exotic mods can include things like replacing the stabilizers that help keep longer keys (space, shift, enter, etc.) level while travelling, as well as adding sound dampening foam or silicone. Just about every moving part can also be lubricated to make it feel smoother and to dampen its sound a bit. The possibilities are nearly endless when you start to get into all of the available switches, caps, case options, and unique parts being created for mechanical keyboard modding today.

(Video) I Tried Gaming Keyboards... (So you don't have to.)

Are there alternative mechanical keyboards worth considering?

Below are some other mechanical keyboards to consider.

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What is the best keyboard in the world in 2022? ›

The best keyboard, hands down, that we've tested is the Keychron Q6. This board has one of the best build qualities we've tested, with a fully aluminum case packed with layers of sound-dampening foam, specialized PBT keycaps, and a braided USB-C to USB-C cable.

What are the best keyboard switches 2022? ›

  1. Drop Holy Panda X Mechanical Switches. ...
  2. Everglide Aqua King Mechanical Switches. ...
  3. Cherry MX RGB Mechanical Switch Packs. ...
  4. Gateron SMD MX Mechanical Switch Packs. ...
  5. Kailh Speed MX Mechanical Switches. ...
  6. Kailh x NovelKeys Box MX Mechanical Switches. ...
  7. Kailh Pro MX Mechanical Switches. ...
  8. Gateron Robin Custom Mechanical Switches.

What is the fastest keyboard 2022? ›

The Razer Huntsman V2 is the fastest keyboard in 2022. This keyboard allows for an incredibly fast gaming experience with super responsive optical switches. The response time for this keyboard is a fraction of a millisecond.

What keyboard does Ninja use? ›

Ninja currently uses the Ducky One 2 Mini RGB mechanical keyboard with most likely Cherry MX Red or Speed Silver switches, which is a compact 60% keyboard. He uses the stock keycaps with a red Enter key. Let's take a look at the exact details of the Ducky One 2 Mini and why Ninja would pick this as his main keyboard.

What is the most satisfying mechanical keyboard? ›

Cherry MX Brown is especially favored as a great all-around switch for typing and gaming, thanks to its silent actuation and tactile bump. Though we'd recommend the Cherry MX Blue switch if you don't need to keep your keyboard clacking down to a minimum.

What is the most powerful keyboard? ›

1) Roland Fantom – Best Overall

The Fantom 08 is one of the most powerful workstations on the market. From incredible key-action to lush pads and amazing drum kits, the Fantom gives you everything you need in a keyboard. We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Which keyboard sounds best? ›

If you're looking for a loud and clicky mechanical keyboard, we highly recommend the Drop ALT, Ducky One 2 Mini, Durgod Taurus K320, Redragon K552, or Keychron K6 with a loud clicky switch such as the Cherry MX Blue or Kailh BOX White switch.

What are the top 5 fastest switches? ›

We have tried and tested all of the switches on this list ourselves, so we'll give you our straightforward opinion on each option.
  • Cherry MX Speed Silver. ...
  • Razer Red Optical. ...
  • Kailh Speed Silver. ...
  • Gateron Red/Yellow/Black. ...
  • Cherry MX Red/Black.

What's the fastest keyboard switch? ›

Linear switches don't have any audible click or tactile bump when a key is pressed. They're the fastest out of all mechanical switches since it's literally a straightforward press of the switch.

Is Ducky better than Razer? ›

Although the Ducky One 2 Mini V1 and the Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition are both designed for gaming, the Razer performs better. The Razer has much lower latency, and its Linear Optical switches are more responsive due to their shorter pre-travel distance and lighter operating force.

Who is fastest typer in the world? ›

Since 2005, The current official holder of the title of fastest typer in the world wpm, on a computer, is Barbara Blackburn (using a Dvorak simplified keyboard and typing in the English language). Barbara's record has managed to remain unbeaten, with a top typing speed of 212 words per minute (wpm).

What is the #1 gaming mouse 2022? ›

The Razer Basilisk V3 is the best gaming mouse to hit our lab. Its 9 (13 if you include all the scroll wheel inputs) programmable buttons, well-crafted shape and premium, textured finish make it versatile across gaming genres and even productivity workloads.

What mouse is Tfue? ›

Tfue uses the Razer Viper Ultimate as his mouse of choice.

What keyboard does PewDiePie? ›

What keyboard does PewDiePie use? PewDiePie uses the Corsair Strafe gaming keyboard. The Strafe is a standard high-end keyboard that has mechanical switches and RGB lighting features.

What keyboard does Tfue use? ›

Tfue uses a Taeha Types Keycult. The Taeha Types Keycult that Tfue uses is custom-made, with a Fortnite-themed aesthetic. Outside of this aesthetic, the keyboard is slim and small, yet comfortable to use.

What are the top 5 best keyboard switches? ›

Our 7 Best Keyboard Switches of 2022
  • Best Keyboard Switches Overall: Cherry MX Red Switches.
  • Best MX Speed Switches for Gaming: Kailh Speed Silver Switches.
  • Best Multipurpose Keyboard Switches: Gateron Brown Switches.
  • Best Optical Switches for Gaming: Razer Linear Optical Switches.
2 Mar 2022

Which keys are the loudest? ›

What mechanical switches are the loudest? The Cherry MX Blue has a different click sound among all the Cherry switches whenever pressed beyond its tactile point. Because of this, it makes the loudest noise within the Cherry MX family.

Which mechanical key is the quietest? ›

Linear switches will be the smoothest and most consistent to use, and will also offer the least audible noise. So, the quietest mechanical keyboards should feature either red, yellow or black Switches.

What is a 100% keyboard called? ›

Full-Sized Keyboard (100%)

Full-sized keyboards are standard in offices and is what most people think of when they imagine a keyboard. The full-sized keyboards come standard with a number pad, home cluster, function keys, and arrow keys.

What is the fastest keyboard on Earth? ›

SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – World's Fastest Keyboard – Adjustable Actuation – Compact 60% Form Factor – RGB – PBT Keycaps – USB-C. Brief content visible, double tap to read full content. Full content visible, double tap to read brief content.

Is there a 80% keyboard? ›

80% | 87-key Keyboard | Tenkeyless Keyboard (TKL)

The 80% layout of the keyboard is also called the Tenkeyless (TKL) keyboard because the numeric keypad was removed. This layout condenses the numeric keypad area that most people don't use to significantly reduce the keyboard size.

What keyboards do pros use? ›

Gaming Keyboards
  • Logitech G915.
  • Razer Cynosa.
  • Corsair K100.
  • Das X50Q.
  • ROG Strix.
  • SteelSeries Apex 5.
  • HyperX FPS.
  • Razer BlackWidow.

What is the most beautiful keyboard? ›

Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo. Possibly the most beautiful keyboard out there.

What's the fastest gaming keyboard right now? ›

TL;DR – These are the Best Gaming Keyboards:
  • Corsair K70 RGB MK.2.
  • SteelSeries Apex 5.
  • Roccat Vulcan II Max.
  • Razer Ornata V3.
  • Roccat Magma.
  • Logitech G915.
  • Logitech G Pro X.
  • SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL Wireless.
8 Nov 2022

Is a 75% keyboard good for gaming? ›

Is a 75% keyboard good for gaming? As long as you don't use the 10-key number pad for gaming, a 75% keyboard can actually be a great choice for gaming. The smaller footprint means you'll have more room for your mouse, more desk space, etc.

Which mechanical key is loudest? ›

The Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro is considered by many enthusiasts to be the best of the loud keyboards. Their Cherry MX Blues are the comfort food of keyboard switches, known for their solid feel, satisfying press, and trademark “click” sound.

What is a Thocky keyboard? ›

Not keycaps, not switch types, but sound. And if you get it just right, the sound draws you in to its rhythm, its beat. Taeha Kim, the beloved keyboard content creator, tells us that the keyboard world also calls it “thock,” in an attempt to come up with a word that captures that dream sound of the keystroke.

What color key is the loudest? ›

Cherry MX Blue

They are the loudest Cherry MX switch variety, but they're great for anyone who loves that classic click. The weight needed to press each key is a little more than the reds (50 centi-newtons instead of 45cN), but because of the very obvious tactile bump, touch typists love them.

What are the 3 types of keyboards? ›

Types of Keyboards for Computers: How to Choose the Right One
  • QWERTY Keyboards.
  • Wired Keyboards.
  • Numeric Keypads.
  • Ergonomic Keyboards.
  • Wireless Keyboards.
  • USB Keyboards.
  • Bluetooth Keyboards.
  • Magic Keyboards.
14 Jul 2022

Which keyboard is best for gaming? ›

Oct 03, 2022: Replaced the Corsair K100 RGB with the SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini Wireless as the Best Gaming Keyboard, replaced the BlackWidow V3 Pro with the Corsair K70 RGB TKL, and added the Logitech G715 as the 'Best Upper Mid-Range' pick.

What is the best keyboard to buy right now? ›

  • MSI Vigor GK71 Sonic Mechanical Keyboard. ...
  • Logitech Ergo K860 Keyboard. ...
  • Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard. ...
  • Logitech MX Mechanical Keyboard. ...
  • Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard. ...
  • Corsair K70 Pro Mini Wireless. ...
  • HyperX Alloy Origins 65. ...
  • Satechi Slim X3 Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard. Best Bluetooth Keyboard.

Which switches are best for FPS? ›

Cherry MX Red

That makes these switches ideal for FPS and battle royale games, both of which require quicker inputs than other games. Better yet, they're supposed to be much quieter than clicky and tactile switches, which makes them ideal for late-night gaming sessions when you're trying to not wake up your roommates.

What switch color is best for gaming? ›

The red switch is popular with gamers because these switches respond faster and they require less force to hold down a button.

Why do gamers use 60 keyboards? ›

The Pros and Cons of a 60% keyboard

The big benefit of 60% keyboards is its diminutive width, leaving more room for the mouse and generally creating a better ergonomic posture for gaming. Because of its narrower width, gamers are more easily able to position their keyboard in the most comfortable position for them.

Do gamers use 60% keyboards? ›

Even for gamers, getting a 60% keyboard can be highly beneficial. You'll instantly get a lot more mouse real estate, which lets you work with more muscle memory and lower sensitivities. There are only a few games that use the numpad these days, and most games let you rebind keys anyway.

What keyboard is used in esports? ›

Designed specifically for discerning gamers and esports athletes, the tenkeyless Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard can help serious competitors up their games.

What is the best Thocky switch? ›

The best switch for a “thocky” keyboard. An improvement on the venerable Gateron Black Ink, the Gateron Box Ink V2 switches slightly alter the sound profile and greatly improve stability, but still benefit from switch film and lube to bring out their full potential.

Is yellow the fastest switch? ›

The fastest and quietest switch. Best for rapid-fire keypresses and fast-paced gaming, the Razer™ Yellow Mechanical Switch has an ultra-fast actuation of only 1.2mm, which allows you to press keys multiple times as fast as possible.

What switches are the quietest? ›

#1 Pick: Gateron Silent Red/Black

Gateron Silent Red and Blacks are both linear switches that are super smooth and super quiet. Gateron switches are known to be budget-friendly, so they make an excellent option for those who don't have a ton to spend on switches.

Which mechanical keyboards are best? ›

The best mechanical keyboards you can buy right now
  1. Corsair K70 Mk. The best mechanical keyboard overall. ...
  2. Logitech G915. The best wireless mechanical keyboard. ...
  3. Corsair K70 RGB TKL Champion Series. ...
  4. Vissles V84. ...
  5. HyperX Alloy Origins 60. ...
  6. Roccat Vulcan Aimo 121. ...
  7. Logitech G915 TKL. ...
  8. Razer Turret for Xbox One.
31 Oct 2022

What are the fastest keyboard switches 2022? ›

5 great mechanical keyboard switches to choose from in 2022
  • Kailh Box Switches.
  • Outemu Switches.
  • Gateron Switches.
  • Razer Switches.
  • Cherry MX switches.
3 Dec 2021

What are the 3 types of mechanical keyboards? ›

Mechanical keyboard switches are broadly available in three categories. Depending on their characteristics, they are either linear, tactile, or clicky.

Which keyboard is best for professional? ›

8 Best Keyboard Workstations For Producers In 2022
  • New King Of Workstations. Kurzweil K2700. ...
  • Incredible Keyboard Workstation. Roland Fantom-8. ...
  • Great All-In-One Keyboard. Yamaha Montage 8. ...
  • Powerful, Affordable Modern Workstation. Korg Nautilus. ...
  • Alternative Choice. Kurzweil PC4. ...
  • Amazing Budget Choice. ...
  • Over 1,172 Sounds. ...
  • Korg Kross 2.
14 Jul 2022

What is the best keyboard in the world? ›

The best keyboards you can buy today
  1. Logitech K780. Specifications. Key Type: Membrane. ...
  2. Leopold FC750R PD. Specifications. ...
  3. Arteck 2.4G Wireless Keyboard. Specifications. ...
  4. Apple Magic Keyboard. Specifications. ...
  5. Logitech K350. Specifications. ...
  6. Logitech Ergo K860. Specifications. ...
  7. Matias Tactile Pro Keyboard for Mac. Specifications.
21 Oct 2022

Who is the fastest typist? ›

Since 2005, The current official holder of the title of fastest typer in the world wpm, on a computer, is Barbara Blackburn (using a Dvorak simplified keyboard and typing in the English language). Barbara's record has managed to remain unbeaten, with a top typing speed of 212 words per minute (wpm).


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